What is a Parts Washer and what are they used for?

A parts washer is used to remove debris, dirt and grease from machine components and engine parts. A parts washer is ideal if you are carrying out mechanical work on your motor, the device makes cleaning engine parts a doddle. There are certain engine parts that require deep cleaning for them to work efficiently, part washers will remove every last inch of grime no matter how stubborn.

Part washers use an electronic pump to circulate cleaning fluids through the devices basin and out of an extendible hose. The parts washer will have a filtering system so the detergent remains clean. Part washers require little maintenance other than replacing the filters; this can vary based on the quality of the filters. The only other running costs are replacing the cleaning fluid but with such large choice the costs can be minimal.

A parts washer saves you time as you don’t have to fiddle about with cleaning agents as it’s completely contained within the unit. Part washers will also save you money as you won’t have to keep buying bottles of degreaser; the washer is more efficient at cleaning machine and engine parts compared to manually scrubbing off dirt, grease and grime.

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