How to choose the right Parts Washer for you

The major deciding factor when choosing a parts washer is the size. There are two different sizes and styles of part washer, bench top and standalone.

If you have room and ample workspace then a standalone parts washer is recommended. If, however, you are working in a small garage at home then a bench top parts washer is more ideal. Bare in mind that bigger is not necessarily better, the larger the unit the more cleaning agent it will require to fill.

You should also consider the size of the parts you intend to clean; you want a parts washer to be physically large enough to handle parts that need to be cleaned. If you are looking to clean gearboxes, engine blocks and any other large components than it would be wise to invest in a larger sized parts washer

Other things to take into consideration are the cleaning fluids that the parts washer uses. The main two options are solvents and water-based solutions. The latter is a cheaper alternative but isn’t as efficient as solvent based cleansers.

There are a variety of brands to choose from in the parts washer market, Sealey, Clarke and Draper all produce high quality units. Clarke recently won the ‘car mechanics best buy’ award for their floor standing parts washer.

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