Types of cleaning fluids available for Parts Washers

There are a variety of different cleaning fluids available for part washers. It is important to note that not every parts washer can handle every fluid type so check your parts washer before purchasing new cleaning agents.

Solvents -

Solvent based cleaning fluids are commonly used in parts washers and are considered the most effecting cleaning solution. Solvent fluid removes the majority of grease marks and debris and doesn’t require you to dry the parts afterwards. Solvents should not be heated or sprayed with high-pressure, instead the parts washer should allow you to soak, immerse, brush or stream.

Solvents are long lasting, some parts washers have built in filters that can further extend the cleaning fluids life.

Water-based -

Part washers also use water-based cleaning fluids. Aqueous solutions are cheaper than solvents but are less effective. The solutions are generally mixed with other cleaning chemicals and heated to increase efficacy. Unlike solvent based fluids, aqueous solutions can be sprayed using high pressure.

If you are going to use water-based fluids for your parts washer make sure that the parts you are cleaning are compatible with the solution. You may have to add in anti-rusting chemicals.

Water-based detergents are long lasting; the cleaning agent must be recycled or disposed of correctly.

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